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What decides your paint roller cover nap?(1)

Jul 01, 2017

A suitable paint roller cover is important for your project.

paint roller covers

The surface you're painting determines the nap (the thickness of the woven cover) you will need. Thick 3/4″ nap roller covers are best used on stucco, decks, brick, and masonry. This thick and fluffy nap can hold more paint and get into the crevices of the rough surface. Medium 3/8″ nap roller covers are best for ceilings and drywall. Small 1/4″ nap roller covers or foam rollers will produce the smoothest finish and are ideal for use on walls, wood, and metal surfaces.

It's important to choose the right size nap for your project. If you use a thick 3/4″ nap roller cover on a smooth wall, it will produce an orange peel textured surface. You should use a 1/4″ nap cover to produce a smooth finish. If you use a thin 1/4″ cover over stucco, the cover will rip apart quickly and not get paint into all the crevices of the surface.

We provide varies of paint roller covers!

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