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The Basics of Painting with a Roller

Feb 20, 2017

Paint rollers are the best choice when covering a large area of flat wall. It is a very fast and relatively easy way to repaint. Rollers are used in conjunction with a brush because a brush is still the proper tool for cutting in edges, painting trim and uneven surfaces.

paint rollers

Most rollers are synthetic and so can be used with either latex or oil-based paints. There are some natural fiber rollers and those should be used with oil-based paints only. Next is the roller nap, the coarser the surface to be painted, the longer the nap must be. Most light textured interior walls use a 3/8" nap. The most common exterior textures, like stucco or masonry require a 3/4" nap.

Before rolling, you should use a brush to paint all the edges, such as around windows, doors, the transition to the ceiling or other walls if they are not being painted. Paint the edges out to about 2 to 4 inches. This will allow you to roll paint on without getting paint where you don't want it.

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