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How and When to Use A Foam Paint Roller Cover

May. 23, 2024

Paint paint roller covers are indispensable tools for both professional and amateur painters. A foam paint roller cover, in particular, can facilitate the creation of outstanding results over large surface areas quickly and efficiently. At Cohwa, we offer an extensive range of paint roller covers to assist painters in completing their projects with superb efficiency and precision.


How to Use a Foam Paint Roller Cover:


1. Apply paint to the surface just as you would with a regular paint roller.

2. Reapply paint to the surface a second time, applying only slight pressure on the roller.

3. Apply the roller a third time over the area without exerting pressure.


Foam rollers and nap rollers are the two most common types of rollers. Nap rollers are composed of various strands or fibers, while foam paint rollers offer a more budget-friendly alternative and are ideal for specific types of painting jobs.


Paint paint roller

When to Use a Foam Roller Cover


Below are some of the most common ways a painter can use a foam paint roller for exterior and interior painting projects.


Smooth Surfaces


Foam rollers are ideal for use on smooth interior walls, whereas traditional rollers are more ideal for exterior walls with uneven surfaces. Foam rollers glide easily along smooth, flat surfaces, dispensing paint uniformly.


Thin Paints


Foam absorbs liquids easily. The smooth outer surface of foam also redistributes paint in an even manner. Thin paints absorb very well which makes latex and water-based paints ideal for use with foam rollers.


Short-Term Use


Foam paint roller covers are ideal choices for short-term painting projects where the painter does not need to reuse the same roller multiple times. These roller covers typically have a shorter lifespan compared to other standard roller covers. However, because they are inexpensive, it is more convenient to replace them as needed, allowing for efficient and cost-effective painting.


How Do I Use a Foam Roller When Painting?


Pour paint into a paint tray, then apply a generous and even layer of paint onto the foam roller.


Begin rolling on a clean, grease-free surface that has been thoroughly cleaned with lacquer thinners. (Always allow thinners to dry well before starting to paint, with a recommended waiting time of 20-30 minutes). Avoid overworking the roller, as this can cause roughness.


If roughness occurs after the first coat has dried, lightly sand with a 200-grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth surface, then apply a final coat.


For larger, flat surfaces, it's recommended to use a mohair roller.


Ensure you're working in a breeze-free area when using a paint roller. Air bubbles will appear on the surface when working with a foam roller.  This is a natural process.  It is the air within the foam that is being transmitted onto your surface.  Allow for air bubbles to dry naturally (no breeze or wind within the room) and it will vanish completely once dry.

Paint paint roller


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