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How to choose paint roller frames?

Jun. 14, 2016

Quality paint roller frames will reduce the amount of time and effort spent painting with a roller. A good roller frame is a critical part of every professional painter's tool kit.

paint roller frames

Options for Professional Paint Roller Frames

Professional paint roller frames are designed to do their job well and last a long time. Plus, they require less physical effort to get the job done. Cheap frames will only cause frustration and more work, often winding up in the landfill after the job is over. So, choose a good frame with the options you need to get the job done quickly and done right.

Preventing Roller Cover Slippage

The part of the frame that grabs and holds the roller cover is called the cage. Most use wires that act like springs to hold the cover and stop it from slipping. Choose a paint roller frame that has an expandable heavy gauge wire compression cage to grab and hold the roller cover. Cheap roller frames use thin wires that don’t have enough gripping power.

Another way manufactures use to grip a roller cover is with an expandable metal ring. Both Purdy and Wooster use a similar approach with some of their models. It works extremely well at reducing slippage of the roller cover. Both approaches will reduce the chance that the cover will slip off the frame while in use, very helpful while rolling rough surfaces like stucco. The best are the high end Purdy and Wooster paint roller frames.

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