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Sizes and Styles of Paint Rollers Frames

Aug. 23, 2016

The type and size paint roller frame to use depends on your project and to a lesser extent on your skill level. You have a choice of sizes from 18 inch down to 3 inches with varying lengths of the handles and different cage or frame designs.

paint roller frame

· 12-18 inch roller frames are the big boys of paint rolling tools. These use an adjustable frame, either metal or hard plastic, to hold the roller cover. They might require the purchase of specialized end caps if the covers don’t include them at time of purchase. Great for back rolling while painting large new construction jobs, usually interior commercial painting. Because of its size they require considerable effort to use, but can cover large areas quickly.

· 9 inch roller frames are the most common with a wider range of available roller covers to choose from. Professional styles are more heavy duty, with a thicker shank, than cheaper frames and last a long time, even with daily use. This size is perfect for interior walls and ceilings plus is suitable for most of your exterior house painting needs.This is my preferred size roller frame. It is much easier to use than the larger sizes and fits perfectly into a 5 gallon bucket. An essential part of a professional paint roller set-up.

· 6-7 inch roller frames are a specialty item, suitable for narrow surfaces. Such as narrow exterior soffits. Can also be used on wide fascia boards. Excellent for any interior or exterior surface were a wider paint roller is too large.

· 3-4 inch trim roller frames are great for exterior trim boards, but can be used while painting interior areas as well. Trim rollers use covers with the same core diameter as the wider frames. These frames can substantially reduce the time it takes to paint exterior trim as compared to using only a brush. Interior uses include shelving, doors or applying stripes.

· Mini paint rollers are very useful tools. By being much thinner, 1 inch or less diameter typical, they can reach many tight places. These areas can be behind toilets and heat registers. Also they can be used on shelving, cupboards, doors, and any areas where a brush or full size paint roller frame can’t reach or paint efficiently.These paint rollers are available in many different styles for specialized uses. Some have very long handles for reaching behind large items. They require the purchase of special roller covers designed for this frame type only.

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