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House Painters Pro Tips: Roller Frames & Covers

May. 04, 2018

So how can you tell the difference between an excellent product and one which you should avoid? Well that is precisely what we'll discuss now - the features that produce a fantastic framework and cover, and the various types and thicknesses of roller cover sticks and when you need to use them. And we will also look some specialty products which may come in handy on your next painting job.

Frames come in lots of various shapes and sizes. The most frequently used of these is that the standard 9" framework, roller frame is the one which you've likely painted with many occasions.

Paint roller extension pole size - The width of the pole that connects the grip to the rotation cage will ascertain how much bend you get when you apply pressure from the wall. A heavier rod allows for less bend that will restrict the chance your framework will unintentionally slide across the wall instead of roll. Either will work but also the plastic cage kinds generally make it much easier for you to take out the roller cap when you are finished with that.

roller frame

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