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25 Tips For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Jun. 09, 2018

1.Choose the right paint. Everyday wall paint consists of a formula not suited for surfaces like cabinetry.

2.Choose a color that will flatter your appliances. 

3.Remove all of the hardware.

4.Take the time to organize the hardware. 

5.Pack up your kitchen cabinets neatly.

6.Roll up the rugs, clear the countertops and remove the curtain.

7.Consider buying or renting a handheld electric sander.

8.Buy a lot of sandpaper. 

9.Buy a lot of tack cloths too.

10.Buy a lot of sandpaper. 

11.Use oil-based primer.

12.Have the primer tinted, if you’re painting a dark color, to lessen the chance of needing multiple coats.

13.Buy canvas drop cloths. 

14.Get disposable paint trays. 

15.Buy extra Quality roller brush and polyester Paint Roller

16.Use baggies or plastic wrap to seal your brushes and rollers overnight. 

17.Choose the right paint rollers – one type for primer, another type for paint. 

18.Painter’s tape is your friend.

19.Prioritize the cabinet bases and the backsides of the cabinet doors first.Apply light coats of paint! 

20.Add a polyurethane topcoat. 

21.Don’t overlook the insides of your cabinets. 

22.Decide whether you’re going to use contact paper or paint the inside shelves.

23.Clean all of the hardware.

24.When reinstalling, attach the hardware to the door first and then install the door to the cabinet.

25.Have an extra set of hands when you install upper cabinet doors .

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