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Do you know what to Pay Attention to when Painting a New House?

Mar. 11, 2020

We all know that during the renovation of a new house, you need to paint. But do you know that applying paint is not as simple as you think. Buy a bucket of paint and find a brush to go up. In fact, you need to pay attention to painting Many things, otherwise not only the effect is not beautiful, the quality is also not good, affecting the living experience. So, in the process of new house decoration, how to paint in the end how to paint it, you need to paint several times, what are the precautions. Today, Nylon Paint Brush Manufacturer will explain to you in detail, let's take a look together.

Nylon Paint Brush

Nylon Paint Brush

First of all, you must pay attention to the surface treatment before painting. The pre-treatment of painting should be based on the material of the base layer, and the choice of treatment methods is different. For example, some wooden furniture should be removed from the surface of dust, wood chips, corner burrs, etc. before painting, because the wood product itself is more delicate, you can choose sandpaper and other items with less damage to gently polish. Surface treatment is smooth and clean before painting. If it is a wall, you need to see if the original lime wall is flat. The raised part must be leveled and the recessed part must be filled. You can't grind the putty powder on the original wall to quickly level it. This will cause a putty layer. Uneven thickness. As for the raised part, the putty powder is thinner and becomes thinner after leveling and grinding, which is not conducive to protecting the wall.

Secondly, it is the control of the painting process. Some people may think that it is sufficient to apply the paint brush once. In fact, it is not a one-time application. It may take two or three times depending on the effect. Use Nylon Paint Brush to paint a bit rougher, and then paint in order from top to bottom. You can use a larger paint roller to paint a large area, and then use a small brush to paint the corners to improve the effect. It is necessary to adjust and polish so that the paint can be distributed as evenly as possible to the surrounding places. However, it should be noted that although the first pass can be a bit rough, the first pass plays an important role in the subsequent passes. If the foundation is well played, it will save a lot of worry during the subsequent adjustment. In addition, you must not dip too much at one time because you want to complete it quickly. Pay attention to the frequency and dosage. Otherwise, the thickness of the paint will be uneven.

What should I do if the paint sags? Immediately after the paint has fallen, use a paint brush to gently smooth the flowing traces. If it is a paint with a high viscosity, you can use a clean paint brush dipped in turpentine and brush it at the place where the fall falls. Re-dissolve, then use the paint brush to push the slump flat.

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