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Can I Paint the Walls With White And Gray?

Dec. 23, 2020

As a Professional Bristle Paint Brushes Supplier, share with you.

It is best to remove the wall skin, and then apply latex paint in the batch of putty, in order to ensure future quality!

Bristle Paint Brush

Bristle Paint Brush

The wall of the new house is painted with white gray by hand. Generally speaking, no interface agent is used. The method of brushing is very simple, that is, use a roller to roll out a large W or M on the wall. After the roller is finished, polish it with a paper brush and clean it. You can hit both sides in total, and you can roll it three times. How about doing it yourself Precautions for brushing latex paint If you paint by yourself, especially for partial painting at home, it is recommended to buy latex paint without smell. Although it is more expensive, you can move in after painting. Painting must know that it is not difficult to paint with latex paint, but those who do it themselves or decorators for the first time must pay attention to some problems. The first is to set the color. Four points should be paid attention to.

●On the swatches, or even on the paint bucket, the colors you see may be different from when you paint on the entire wall. In order to avoid disagreement, you can take the following steps: do not make the final decision on which color to choose in the paint shop; instead, you should take home the swatch or actual paint sample and place it on the wall to be painted Observe the color of the paint;

●Observe the color of the paint under natural light and night light separately, because even if the same paint is the same color, the color displayed under different lighting conditions will be very different.

●At the same time, keep in mind that when a large area is painted with one color paint, its color tends to increase. To compensate for this, it is best to use a paint that is slightly lighter than the desired color.

●Paints have various gloss levels, both "high gloss" and "flat gloss". Paint with higher gloss is more reflective, so this kind of paint will make the room look brighter. But on the other hand, high-gloss paint is easy to highlight the shortcomings of the wall, so if the wall is not very smooth, flat paint should be used. Secondly, choose suitable brushing tools and brushes. Good quality tools can brush a thicker coating, better cover the original color of the bottom layer, make the paint film more durable, and withstand repeated scrubbing. With paint and suitable tools, before you start painting the wall, you should use ordinary detergent or clean water to remove the dust and dirt on the wall and let it dry. If there is a nail hole on the wall, fill it with filler.

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