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Can the Walls be Painted Directly?

Sep. 29, 2020

As a Professional Bristle Paint Brushes Supplier, share it with you. Nowadays, wall painting is usually done by scraping putty, smoothing, and painting. The effect of this is that the wall is relatively smooth (similar to the polished tile in the floor tile). If you want to make the wall rough and textured, how to deal with it?

Polyester Paint Roller

Polyester Paint Roller

The cement wall cannot be painted directly, because the construction wall is flat and easy to contain dust and other dirt. Direct painting will not only cause pits on the wall, but also easily lead to peeling, and the cement is alkaline, so directly apply the wall paint. Waiting for a long time is easy to take lye.

Cement wall painting-the steps of cement wall painting: first cleaning the base layer → filling putty, partial scraping putty, smoothing → first full scraping putty, smoothing → second full scraping putty, smoothing → brushing and sealing Primer → apply the first paint → refill putty, smooth → apply the second paint → polish and work.

Hand brushing, rolling and spraying can be used as the construction method when painting, and the technique should be continuous and rapid when painting.

Extended information:

Matters needing attention when painting

1. Cleaning the original basic level of the wall: mainly includes cleaning the original putty layer, latex paint (wallpaper), other surface decorations, wood decoration, etc.

2. Deal with the problem of waterproofing: In places such as kitchens and bathrooms, a layer of waterproof paint needs to be used more than the walls in other spaces.

3. If there is a crack, repair it first: Usually, it is necessary to paste kraft paper, grid fiber cloth, etc. on the wall with cracks, the joints of light-weight walls and load-bearing walls, and the joints of gypsum board. Bandages and other materials.

4. Applying primer for the first time: Applying primer is to protect the topcoat, improve the covering power and texture of the topcoat, in addition to the functions of alkali resistance and moisture proofing, and sealing of the substrate.

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