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What is the Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Paint Brushes?

Aug. 18, 2020

As you likely know, paint brushes be available in what seems like an unlimited selection of shapes and sizes, bristle types and also rate. Knowing the difference between all-natural as well as synthetic bristle paint brushes will certainly assist you identify what to pick for your following DIY job.

Nylon Paint Brush

Nylon Paint Brush


As the name recommends, natural bristle paint brushes are made from all-natural pet hair such as hog, sable and badger.

The Excellent

These type of bristles really split normally which makes them developed to grab, hold and also disperse natural paints and can accelerate paint. The soft flexibility of natural bristle brushes assist to apply a thin, also layer of paint minimizing streaks as well as disperses paint uniformly. When utilizing these brushes with all-natural paints (chalk/milk/clay-based) there is much less possibility of spotting than with synthetic brushes.

The Bad

If you are seeking precision paint, all-natural brushes can be tough to use.

All-natural bristle brushes additionally shed the first couple of times you utilize them. If you have acquired a high quality all-natural brush, the bristles ought to quit losing after the 2nd or third usage.


Synthetic bristles are made from products like nylon, polyester or a mix of both.

When to Make Use Of Artificial Bristle Brushes

Synthetic bristle brushes are excellent when you are utilizing:

Water-based latex paints

Water-based primers

Gloss Paint

Polymer paint

Water-based wood surfaces

The Excellent

Nylon Paint Brush is durable, outstanding paint pickup, as well as smooth surface.

Polyester brushes preserve their form and control which is great for detail job.

Nylon/Polyester blend brushes combine all the favorable qualities as well as is one of the most prominent selection.

The smooth texture and flexibleness of the bristles produce an also finish aand wonderful for woodwork and furnishings in water based satin, eggshell and also gloss surfaces.

Modern synthetic brushes are excellent as well as have the advantage of being less costly than all-natural hair.

The Bad

Nylon brushes soften in heat or after a great deal of usage with latex paint. Brushes can lose the ability to create a smooth, precise surface.

Polyester brushes have a reduced paint pick up which suggests you will need to refill your brush more frequently.

Paint with fast-drying active ingredients will certainly stick to polyester making them harder to clean up. If you take care of these brushes, they'll last for several years. Our company also has Mohair Paint Roller for sale, welcome to consult us.

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