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How to Deal with the Hardness of Paint Brush?

Sep. 18, 2019

When using a paint brush, it is often encountered that the used brush becomes hard, which greatly affects the next use. As a Nylon Paint Brush Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations:

1. If the Paint Brush is to be stored for a long time after use, the residual paint left on the brush must be cleaned with a solvent such as gasoline.

2. If you want to continue using it after a short time, just keep it for a short time (such as a few days), you don't need to soak it with solvent, just immerse the Paint Brush in clean water, and then wipe it off with a rag. used.

3. Brush, generally refers to the use of hair, brown, plastic wire, wire, etc. to remove dirt or smear oil and other utensils are generally long or oval with a handle. Brushes, also known as brush brushes, are divided into industrial brushes and civilian brushes according to the field in which they are used.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

Paint Brush cleaning needs to pay attention to:

1. After washing the Paint Brush, gently press it with your face with a tissue or cotton pad to allow moisture to escape. However, remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise the bristles will be destroyed and the structure of the bristles will be loose, resulting in hair loss.

2. After the Paint Brush is washed, hang it up and let the bristles dry down.

3. Never wash against the hair.

4. To dry naturally, do not blow it with a hair dryer, and do not dry it under the sun. Otherwise, it may damage the brush material of the Paint Brush.

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