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What Kind of Paint do you Want to Refurbish Old Furniture Recently?

May. 13, 2021

As a Paint Roller Handle Manufacturer, share with you. After a period of time, the furniture at home will start to become old and cracked. Throw it away, but it is ugly, which affects the overall layout of the home. At this time, it is best to refurbish the old furniture. Which old furniture is used for refurbishment? For planting lacquer, the editor is here to help, and quickly look over it:

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

What kind of paint is used for refurbishing old furniture?

The old cabinets in the home or the wood furniture picked up from the thrift store are repainted to give them a new life. The paint should be used in consideration of adhesion, reliability, and durability. Experts recommend oil-based paint, but it must be able to withstand thorns. Nose smell and solvent cleaning, and longer drying and curing time than water-based paint, and after a long time, the oily color will gradually turn yellow.

The best way to avoid the shortcomings of oil-based paint is to use the latest technology of aquatic acrylic enamel. This paint has good fluidity, flatter, easy curing, no smell, and short curing time. These new paints dry very quickly and can be easily cleaned with soapy water. One problem is the finish. The advantages are also obvious. If the water-borne acrylic enamel is brushed thick enough and applied to small areas, it will be very flat. Do not use dry brushes and do not repaint areas that have already started to cure.

When painting the sideboards, don’t forget other factors that matter to success or failure, such as furniture surface treatment (degreasing, cleaning and sanding), primer (using top-quality primer), brushing (using the best quality primer) Brush) and drying (follow the label instructions)

The renovation of old furniture at home needs to be painted. In order to achieve good results, the furniture needs to be treated, and the appropriate paint must be selected. What kind of paint is used for the renovation of old furniture? The editor has already introduced to you in the article, I hope everyone Can successfully renovate the old furniture that is reluctant to throw away at home, save money and not waste.

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