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Do you know the Paint Brush Shapes?

Sep. 09, 2020

As a Paint Brushes Supplier, share with you.

Paint Brush1

Paint Brush


Literally, this is a fan-shaped bristle arrangement. It is a small brush that looks sweet and is designed for fusion and subtle texture. Frankly speaking, hair spreading is usually very good, unless the paint is very thin, I think it is not particularly useful for oil. but the fan brush does look cool in your pigment box!


It is said that the circular brush is of poor versatility because its strokes have not changed, but this is exactly the attribute for painting details! that is why smaller rounds are more suitable for details. Larger round bristles are suitable for oil, but retain soft circles for watercolor. Heavy duty circular mink brushes are hard to paint.


This is like a plane, but the side is round, so it produces softer edges and more fused than the plane.

Because they have the coverage, control and mixing I want.


Long and flat rectangular brush. The longer brush will carry more paint, so the unit can cover more areas each time it is loaded. Place it flat on the canvas to create smooth edges and strokes. When used on edges, relatively thin lines may appear. Sometimes, flattening is described by measurements, such as 1⁄4" or 1⁄4", rather than the brush size (more information about the following brush size).


These are similar to flat brushes, but bright hair is shorter. This can be controlled more than longer flat brushes. Whether painting trees or fabrics, smaller bright hard brushes are the texture I pursue.

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