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How to Use a Paint Roller on a Wall?

Jun 08, 2016

Knowing how to use a paint roller can help you eliminate streaks in your paint finish. Applying paint with a roller can cut painting time by almost half. Using proper roller technique can help you save paint, protect your equipment and improve the look of your finished paint job.

1. Gather your tools.

You'll need a roller cover and roller cage, paint, stir sticks, paint tray and liners, spray bottle of water (for latex paint), Paint thinner and tray (for alkyd paint), and a 5-in-1 tool.

2. Prep your materials.

Prep your materials

3. Dampen the roller cover.

Dampen the roller cover

4. Roll the roller down into the paint tray.

paint roller

5. Distribute the paint on the roller evenly.

paint roller

6. Repeat Step 5 to evenly load the roller.

paint roller

7. Hold the roller properly to improve your control.

paint roller

8. Paint a diagonal upward stroke.

paint roller

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