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What is a bristle paint brush used for?

Jul 30, 2016

Synthetic brushes are made out of nylon or polyester and most can be used with water-based and oil-based paints. Brushes with natural bristles made from animal hair are preferred for oil-based paints but should never be used with water-based paints as they absorb the water and become limp.

Natural paint bristle is the perfect choice for all oil-based paints, stains, polyurethanes, and clear coats. The soft, flexible bristles and natural tipping create a very smooth finish, great for interior applications. Made with professional-quality materials, this bristle paint brush provides great performance and coverage.

bristle paint brush

The best brush for today's water-based paints is one made with synthetic bristles--nylon or polyester. Natural China bristle brushes, made with hog, ox, or badger hair (they're called China bristle because that's where most of the hair comes from) should only be used with oil-based paints.

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