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Do you know hair type of paint brush?(2)

Jan 07, 2017

Today I continue to tell hair type of paint brush. Here are anther types, such as Synthetic Hair and Blends (Synthetic and Natural).

Synthetic Hair

If you are on a budget or would prefer an alternative to natural hair, then it is worth considering synthetic brushes. They can be soft or stiff; the soft brushes work well with water color, while the stiff brushes work well with oils. Synthetic brushes often have an excellent point and can carry color very well. Cohwa offer a wide range of synthetic paint brushes.

Synthetic paint brushes

Blends (Synthetic and Natural)

Sable and synthetic blends provide a performance that is close to sable at a price that is close to synthetic.

Head, Shape and Size

Brushes come in different sizes and these sizes are given numbers. However, each number does not necessarily correlate to the same size brush in different ranges and this is particularly noticeable between English, French and Japanese sizes. Consequently, if you are choosing a brush it is important that actual brushes are compared rather than simply relying on the sizes of the brushes you currently own.

Handle length varies as well. If you are working in oil, alkyd or acrylic you may often find yourself painting at a distance from your surface and so a long handled brush would be best. If you are a water colorist then it is likely you will work closer to your painting, and so a shorter handle would be a good investment.

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