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Which Paintbrush Should You Use?(2)

Aug. 06, 2016

Other two things about paint brush you need consider:

inch paint brush

Bristle Shape: Most paintbrushes available today are square-cut brushes. They're perfect for holding and laying paint onto virtually any surface. However, square-cut brushes don't provide as much control when painting into corners, up to adjacent surfaces, or along narrow edges or surfaces. For more precise control, use a sash brush, which has its bristles cut at a slight angle. Sash brushes are particularly well-suited for cutting in around the perimeter of a room.

Bristle Tips: Better quality brushes have bristles with flagged, or split, ends. Flagged bristles hold more paint and spread paint more smoothly. Some brushes, especially sash brushes, have tipped ends, which should not be confused with flagged ends. Tipped brushes come to a point; they're not cut flat and straight, as is a standard brush.

Professional painters favor tipped brushes because they provide greater control and allow you to apply paint more precisely.

Bonus—Your Starter Kit: As noted, picking brushes depends on the particular surface, room, or project you're tackling. But, if we were going to suggest a starter kit, it would include:

1-1/2-inch, 2-1/2-inch, and 3-inch sash brush

1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch straight brush

With those seven inch paint brushes, you could tackle most painting jobs.

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