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Do you know the pipe in paint roller?

Nov. 11, 2016

Saying cost of paint roller, we have to talk about the important material, that's plastic pipe. Now Let’s tell you 5 types of pipe of paint roller.

paint roller

1. PVC pipe

PVC pipe is made of recycle plastic, so the cost is relatively lower, which apply on Sewn Production line and Glue Production Line. In that way the unit price of paint roller brush is a little higher on sold. .

2. Paper pipe

Owing to the paper pipe of high temperature resistance, Mostly our polyester paint roller cover manufactured by paper pipe core, could be applied bitumen concrete pavement.

Usually paper pipe is also used for production in lambskin wool paint roller cover by Glue production line, then the unit price of product is a little higher.

paint roller

3. Phenolic pipe

Character of phenolic pipe is strong hard, which is generally suit for paint roller brush manufactured by the glue production line, such as sponge/foam roller brush.

4. Polypropylene pipe core

Polypropylene pipe core produced of new PP plastic, aslo environmentally friendly and recyclable, which is the most popular material pipe, which is mostly applied for paint roller cover manufactured by thermofusion production line. The unite price of paint roller is a little lower.

paint roller

5. Sheet pipe

1) Plastic sheet core is environmentally friendly and recyclable material, which only be used on paint roller production in thermofusion process. The unite cost of product made of sheet pipe a little cheaper than products made of polypropylene core Its advantage mainly is

2) Recycle plastic sheet core is easy to break, which cost is the cheapest among all pipe in paint roller. Usually we don’t suggest that our customer purchase like this paint roller cover.

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