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How to use the roller brush correctly?

Dec. 09, 2016

When we use the paint roller, we must pay attention to the methods of use. Paint Roller is the wall coating construction works in one of the main construction tools.

Paint Roller

First of all, wetting the drum before brushing. And paint is suitable for thin material.

Then rolling the excess paint over the waste paper or clean wall. This facilitates adsorption of paint and cleaning roller for the first time.

Drum dipped in paint, the cylinder sleeve can only be immersed in half. And then the roll is in the tray of the inclined plate or the barrels of wire mesh back and forth. So that paint completely seeps into the sleeve. If the adsorption coating is insufficient, you can dipped again.

A good paint roller is equipped with a suitable paint roller tray. We provide high-quality paint tray.

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