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Professional Bristle Paint Brush For Painting is one of brush

Mar. 31, 2018

Professional bristle paint brush for painting, a bristle paint brush made of bristle material. Pig bristles, commonly known as pig's hair, refers to the bristles that grow on the neck and back of the pig, usually more than 5 cm. The bristles are tough, elastic, not easily deformed, resistant to moisture, high temperature, and not affected by cold or heat. It is one of the main raw materials for making brush. As an animal hair, swine fever also has anti-static properties and can be used to process anti-static brushes.

The bristle was first used for processing into paint brushes. The paint brush was applied to paints for construction, decoration, furniture and other industries. The professional bristle paint brush is solid and durable, with the effect of achieving a heavier paint coating, while being easy to clean and reusable. Commonly used bristle paint brushes have straight brush, ceiling brush, row brush, round handle brush and so on.

professional bristle paint brush

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