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Mini Roller Features

Apr. 02, 2018

Shape: cylindrical

Specifications: diameter 2-3 cm, length 5-15 cm, mainly 10 cm (4 inches), so most people used to call a small 4-inch drum

Material: sponge, plush, short plush, leather, etc.

Use range: paint, paint, glue, grease.

Role: brushing, drawing lines, cleaning.

Note: The mini roller has oil separation and water-based, different manufacturing methods and materials, resulting in different effects, when buying should be asked whether the performance of the product is consistent with its own use.

Advantages: compact, easy to operate and flexible. Dozens or even hundreds of mini roller brushes only need to buy one or two brackets, which can effectively save resources and economy. Can be brushed to the normal roller brush can not brush the corners, gaps.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for large area painting.

mini roller

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