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Precautions before using the paint roller

Apr. 11, 2018

Paint roller, as the name suggests, is formed by putting brush filaments (nylon filaments, plastic filaments, metal filaments, bristle, horsehair, etc.) on a roller-like object.

When people use the brush roller, they sometimes find that there are problems of this kind or the same, which raises questions about the quality of the product. In fact, as long as manufacturers and manufacturers pay attention to the following points, then the brush can be well eliminated. Roller product may have problems.

1. Firstly, the brush roller must be cleaned and packaged before leaving the factory. Because it will produce a lot of broken hair in the process of planting hair and peace, it is necessary to comb the brush filament before packaging, and to clean up the broken hair. clean.

2. In the process of transportation from the paint roller manufacturer to the manufacturer, in order to prevent impurities and dust from diffusing into the filaments, packaging materials such as packing boxes and packaging bags should be used to prevent damage to the brush roller.

3. Be careful not to expose the brush wire (without any packaging) to the floor or other contaminated environment before reaching the use factory.

4. Put a pad on the shaft of the brush roller to keep the brush upright and clean.

Paint roller

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