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Comparison of paint brushes

Apr. 17, 2018

Chip Paint Brushes are generally disposable brushes for touch ups or one-time use projects. Besides paints and coatings, these durable brushes with China bristles will hold up to epoxies, glues, resins, stains, paint removers, cleaners, and oils. Available for All Paints and Coatings or Oil-Based only.

Foam Paint Brushes have handles like regular paint brushes, but a dense foam head replaces the bristles. Applies smooth finishes without brush marks. Inexpensive enough to be disposable or reusable. Available for All Paints and Coatings.

Use Flat Paint Brushes, or trim brushes, to paint trim and smaller, detailed areas. The end of the bristles (known as the sash) are square, or flat, for cutting in the more delicate trim work. Available for the following: All Paints and Coatings, Latex-Based, or Oil-Based only.

Flat Paint Brushes

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