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The advantages of the practical operation of foam paint roller (一)

Mar. 20, 2018

On a smooth surface

Because of the way they absorb paint, a very smooth surface on the foam paint roller is more useful. When the wall is finished, it is smooth and smooth, and the foam roller slides down, evenly eliminating paint. With rough surfaces, foam rollers tend to have problems, and conventional rollers may be more suitable for these types of projects, which is why some workers generally use foam roller interior walls. This is because the rough wall will squeeze out the paint foam roller and make it drip.

Paint thinner tool

Some experts warn that textured foam roller are not ideal for thicker oily coatings that may not be absorbed, as well as for water-based or latex coatings. This is an important coating that is properly absorbed into the foam, allowing it to be evenly applied.

foam paint roller

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