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Choosing the right rolled fabric can save you time and effort

Jan. 14, 2022

Microfiber fabrics are a popular product in almost every industry. Clean your glasses with a microfiber cloth. Wear this microfiber fleece jacket. Microfiber has even been a trend in the painting industry for a few years now. We love Cohwa's microfiber! But it's important to use it for the right project.

Microfiber roller cover

In the simplest terms, microfiber is exactly what it sounds like - a fabric made up of very fine fibers. And because these fibers are so tiny, they release a small amount of coating on the wall. They're perfect for creating a spray-like finish on ultra-smooth surfaces like cabinets and doors. However, for painting rooms, microfibers aren't always the best choice.


 two green charts


Take a look at the two green charts. The chart on the left is coated with a microfiber covering; the one on the right is painted with a woven roller. Note how much paint the woven covering releases on the wall. Woven covers are intended to achieve a fine finish and are not usually considered a high-yield option - unless you compare them to microfiber.

Imagine if you converted the results in this image to a normal sized room. How many more coats would you need to apply to get a satisfactory finish (and coverage)? Sometimes it is appropriate to create one of these fine, but please note that it takes more applications to get the same coverage.

Always make sure that the roller (and brush) you choose is best suited to help you get the results you need for your next painting project.

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