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How to Clean the Paint Brush Better?

Jun. 17, 2020

Good paint brushes are value for money, whether you use latex, oil or shellac for painting. This is the way professionals clean up expensive paint brushes.

Cleaning paint brush

If you like me, after a whole day of painting, you have to do is clean brush. I used to avoid tedious work by wrapping brushes in plastic bags and pasting them in the refrigerator. can't see, forget? All right, until my family notices that our frozen pizza is starting to look like freshly painted wood.

Bristle Paint Brush

A good brush, if kept clean, will last dozens of painting jobs. In this article, Paint Brush Manufacturer will show you the correct way to clean the brush, no matter which paint you use, and how to keep its shape after cleaning. We'll even show you how to restore the hardened brush you' ve been using in the door block.

To get good paint work, buy quality brushes

It sounds like one of Benjamin Franklin's mottoes, but any professional will tell you one thing: you get the money you pay. An expensive brush is better than a few cheap brushes. get quality nylon or polyester brushes for latex painting as well as quality natural (animal hair) bristles brushes for paint.

Do not use natural mane brushes for waterborne coatings such as latex. Natural fibers expand, lose shape and eventually lose strength. if you are unable to obtain the required purchase information from the home center or hardware store, please go to the retail paint store for assistance.

Five steps to clean water-based topcoat and latex paint:

Use the edge of the can and then apply the remaining paint to the newspaper.

Please follow the following tips to make your brush completely free of paint and suitable in shape that can be used for the next job. even if you do not clean the water soluble paint, pay special attention to step 5 below; whatever paint you need to remove from the brush, it will be needed.

Scrape off the excess paint. it seems obvious, but please make sure the brush is as free of paint as possible. Use the edge of the can and then apply some paint to the newspaper before cleaning with soapy water.

Wash the brush with a bucket of soapy water. Comb the paint with hands and brushes to make it brushless.

Rotate the brush in the bucket. remove all remaining paint and water.

Rinse the bristles with a bucket of water. Brush your hair with your hands. After a few minutes, rotate the brush again and rinse in another bucket of water.

Wrap the brush with thick paper. As shown, prefold the paper, then wrap it around the brush and tie it loosely with a string. this step is essential to keep the brush shape.

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