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How do I Paint the Furniture Myself?

Mar. 24, 2021

As a Paint Brushes Supplier, share with you.

Various furniture paint construction processes-wood pain

Flat Paint Brush China

Flat Paint Brush China

1) Brush varnish to protect the primer (if If there is no process, that is, this is the first process) If the varnish is maintained in the original color, then the surface must be cleaned and the first protective primer shall be applied immediately after the material is purchased on the construction site. The primer is generally also a top coat.

2) The varnish finish must be treated before the wall paint is applied.

3) Clean up the dust and dirt on the surface of the woodware.

4) Polish the board surface or the surface of the wooden lines with sandpaper.

5) Brush the paint for the first time.

6) After drying, use the blended toner, cooked rubber powder, and double fly powder to blend the putty to cover up nail holes and tree scars to make it the same as the original color.

7) After drying, use fine sandpaper to polish the rough part of the toner. This time it is very important to polish the surface.

8) Brush the paint once.

9) After drying, sand it with fine sandpaper

10) Brush the paint once

11) That is, one time of lacquer and another time of polishing with fine sandpaper, and so on. If there is a special primer, change the first paint to a special primer) 11) Wet the surface of the wood with a damp cloth, and then sand the surface with sandpaper, commonly known as water milling.

12) Brush the paint one last time.

Generally speaking, if you count the last coat of paint, you need to apply the top coat about 4 to 8 times to get a better quality effect. The more times the surface layer paint is, the better, but generally should not exceed 10 times.

When the paint film is applied in wet weather, the paint film will have whitening, which can be eliminated by adding 10-15% nitro-based magnetized white water at a diluent.

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