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Can Old Furniture Be Repainted?

Mar. 17, 2021

As a Paint Brushes Supplier, share with you. Not all furniture is suitable for painting. The surface of the board furniture is often bonded with a layer of melamine board, which is difficult to peel off. Paint on the surface of the board, the adhesion is poor. In contrast, solid wood furniture is more suitable for repainting. Tip: In terms of paint, you should also choose a product with the same properties as the original paint on the surface of the furniture to prevent chemical reactions between the old and new paints and cause wrinkles on the surface of the furniture. In addition, if the water-based wood paint is applied, the wood itself will easily absorb water and cause instability. If the problem is serious, it will slightly bulge and deform, and the oil-based paint will be relatively stable.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

The painting process of old furniture The painting process of old furniture is more troublesome than that of new woodenware. Refurbishment of paint for old wood furniture generally includes three types: primary color refurbishment, additive color refurbishment, and color change refurbishment. In addition, it can be refurbished by pasting wood-grain paper and gluing melamine plastic veneer. Specifically, different construction methods shall be adopted according to different situations.

Newly painted old white furniture: Some white furniture has been used for a long time. Although it has not been painted, the surface has been stained with oil. In this case, as long as sandpaper is used to remove the stains, and the oil stains should be scrubbed with gasoline, the construction can be carried out according to the wood coating process. Some woods are drier, not painted, but painted with tung oil. In this case, as long as the tung oil is completely dry, scrubbed and smoothed with sandpaper, it can be constructed according to the wood finishing process.

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