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What Should I Do If the Wall is Dirty?

Mar. 08, 2021

As a Painting Tools Manufacturer, share with you.

Cleaning method of latex paint wall:

1. It depends on the quality of the latex paint used. The stains and light scratches of the good paint can be removed with a damp cloth and detergent, or wipe it with toothpaste, water and towel.

2. Slight stains on the walls of latex paint can be polished with fine sandpaper, scraped off a thin layer, and then painted with white shoe polish.

3. Mild stains on the white wall can be wiped off with a clean white cloth, dipped in clean water, or wiped off with an eraser (the force must be gentle).

4. If you have a multifunctional cleaner at home, you can dilute it and spray it on a rag to wipe the tea stains on the wall.

5. If the wall is very dirty, it can be removed with plaster or precipitation calcium powder, rubbed on a cloth, or lightly rubbed with fine sandpaper. Squeeze some toothpaste on a damp cloth to wipe off the pencil or colored crayons on the wall. I used Yunquan water-based wall paint to refurbish the old walls in my house. Because it is for my own use, I attach great importance to environmental protection. Their latex paint is filled with diatom components, which not only has no formaldehyde, but also absorbs formaldehyde. "

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

First check whether the wall is hollow, and if necessary, local eradication and cement mortar should be shaken. If there is no hollow drum, use sandpaper to polish it. Due to the contrast between the old and the new, you will find the wall pitted. Use diluted 108 glue as the interface agent and apply it again and wait for it to dry.

Use building putty paste or putty powder and water (large white powder mainly made of calcium carbonate) to level up the unevenness, and wait for it to dry. Polish with sandpaper to remove the remaining ash, and then level with putty paste. When it is dry, continue to sand with the above sandpaper to remove the remaining ash.

Apply latex paint. Add very little black ink to the primer (it becomes a light gray transition color, the purpose is to cover the old paint and putty to prevent a variety of colors that cannot be covered) once, and then apply the latex topcoat 1 to 2 times after drying.

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