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Can the Inner Wall of Cement Mortar be Painted with Latex Paint Directly?

Feb. 23, 2021

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1. Do not paint directly on cement walls

First of all, it is very clear to tell you that cement walls cannot be painted directly, because the construction walls are flat and easy to contain dirt such as floating dust. Direct painting will not only cause pits on the wall, but also easily lead to peeling. In addition, the cement contains alkaline, so it is easy to take the alkali bloom after waiting for a long time.

2. The steps of painting cement walls

First clean the base layer → fill the putty, scrape the putty locally, smooth → the first pass full scrape putty, smooth → the second pass full scrape putty, smooth → apply the sealing primer → apply the first coating → refill Putty, smoothing → brushing the second coating → polishing and working.

Bristle Paint Brush

Bristle Paint Brush

3. Paint the cement wall to ensure the quality

The key link of construction quality is definitely the grassroots treatment. The basic guarantee condition is that the wall must be completely dry, usually placed for more than ten days; the wall needs to be scratched with at least two layers of putty to ensure the smoothness of the wall. The putty should follow The performance of the coating is matched. Water-resistant putty should be used in wet places such as toilets, and special putty should be used for internal and external walls. After putty, the external wall needs to use alkali-resistant primer, and the interior wall can be directly coated without alkali-resistant primer.

4. The method of painting cement walls

Hand brushing, roller coating and spraying can be used as the construction method when painting. The technique should be continuous and rapid, and the brush should be finished in one go. The editor feels that the loss of materials by hand brush is relatively less, and the quality can be guaranteed, but the construction period is longer, so it can be combined with roller coating, using roller coating for large areas and hand brushing for corners. In this way, it can improve efficiency and ensure quality, which is very practical.

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