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How to Choose Wall Paint in Home Improvement?

Feb. 03, 2021

As a Paint Brushes Supplier, share with you.

In fact, it doesn’t make much difference to buy wall paint, but wall paint is a very important part of home improvement. Let me explain in detail below:

Walls occupies the largest part of home improvement, so the importance of painting is self-evident. And choosing the right paint is very important, because when painting, not only the quality must be considered, but also a very important factor, that is, environmental protection.

Polyester Paint Roller

Polyester Paint Roller

Environmental protection should be the first priority, after all, this is related to the health of our family. I believe everyone has heard of the newly renovated house, and the child has leukemia for a while after moving in. This is because the environmental protection cannot meet the requirements during the decoration, and the excessive formaldehyde will affect our health and even suffer from leukemia.

Therefore, when we buy wall paint, we first try to choose well-known brands. Big brands of latex paint are more secure, and adulteration rarely occurs. In addition, ask the clerk about the voc content of the latex paint, voc is a harmful substance with low content and high environmental protection value. Our national standard stipulates that the voc content of the paint should be less than 200g/L. Of course, the current brand latex paints on the market are all lower than this standard. After all, the country has such strict environmental protection inspections. Why does the editor suggest that you choose a big brand latex paint?

Then when you choose, you can open and smell the lacquer. If you smell pungent odors or industrial flavors, you cannot choose.

In addition, when the mouth is opened for a period of time, a thick, elastic oxide film will be formed on the surface of a good quality latex paint, which is not easy to crack.

Stir it with your hands to see if it feels smooth and delicate. Pull up to see the shape of the paint. If it is fan-shaped, it is usually genuine latex paint.

The last point is the scrubbing resistance of the latex paint, but if you want to identify this, you need to brush some paint on the wall. After it is dried, wipe it with a wet towel. A good latex paint can be scrubbed hundreds of times without problems.

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