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Can the Cement Mortar Wall be Painted With Latex Paint Directly?

Jan. 26, 2021

As a Painting Tools Manufacturer, share with you.

It is best not to brush directly, otherwise it will be easy to leak in the future. Generally, the steps are as follows:

Facial agent: The interface agent must be brushed all the way and evenly.

Cracks: Generally, use kraft paper tape and white latex to stick to the cracks (but there is no guarantee that 100% will not crack again).

Leveling: The uneven wall needs to be leveled. Generally, plaster is commonly used, and the difference of unevenness should not exceed 0.5 cm.

Patching: Generally, non-load-bearing walls such as light-weight walls and thermal insulation walls need to be patched. Try to choose better wall coverings and white latex. If possible, you can use mesh cloth. The relative anti-cracking effect will be better. 

Polyester Paint Roller

Polyester Paint Roller

Putty: It is better to choose putty with higher particle fineness and harder texture. You can also add a certain amount of white latex to the putty to increase the hardness of the putty.

Sanding: Use finer sandpaper as much as possible. Generally, the softer putty (such as 821) uses 400-500 grit sandpaper, and the harder (such as wall lining, easy to quack) use 360-400 grit, if sandpaper If is too thick, it will leave deep sand marks, which will not be covered by paint. After polishing, be sure to clean the wall thoroughly to avoid too much dust and affect the adhesion of the paint. The unevenness does not exceed 3 mm.

Primer: The primer must be evenly painted to ensure that every part of the wall is painted. If the wall paint is large, it is best to add a little more water to the primer to ensure that it can be painted evenly. Don't think that it is enough to use a short roller just because it is a primer. The paint effect of the primer will directly affect the effect of the topcoat. Use a roller with the same texture as the topcoat.

Repair: After the putty is polished, there will be some flaws (holes). Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to see clearly. It will only be obvious after brushing the paint once. At this time, you need to find a repair. Pay attention to the repair must be polished and smoothed. Brush it with a primer with a little more water to avoid color difference when the top paint is painted due to the different draft of other walls.

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