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How to Paint Solid Wood Furniture?

Apr. 12, 2021

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The painting process of solid wood furniture is as follows:

Bristle Paint Brush

Bristle Paint Brush

1. Panel treatment: Before painting, the wood should be cleaned first, and the dust on the surface of the wood should be wiped away. Special dust cloth can be used for cleaning, and large areas such as the floor can be vacuumed repeatedly with a vacuum cleaner. At the same time, use sandpaper to polish the surface of the board or the wood line. Pay attention to protect the veneer and not to wear it through.

2. Plate sealing: evenly apply the formulated special plate sealing agent to the plate, which can effectively seal the plate and prevent the plate from being polluted.

3. Scrape putty: select the matching wood putty, after mixing, forcefully scrape the putty to the wood eye. After the putty is dry, use sandpaper to polish and clean the putty on the wooden tools thoroughly.

4. Primer construction: adjust the wood primer according to the required ratio, which can be brushed or sprayed. The function of primer construction is to fill the wood holes and increase the thickness of the paint film.

5. Sanding treatment: Sanding the board with sandpaper is actually a step throughout the wood paint construction process. The board should be sanded, the putty should be sanded, the primer should be sanded, and the topcoat should be sanded before and after construction. The sanding step is very critical.

6. Finish paint construction: Before the finish paint construction, the wood surface must be cleaned again to remove dust particles, so that the paint film surface can have a better coating effect. Each time you apply the top coat, it is not advisable to brush it too thick at one time. It is best to apply multiple times and wait for the paint film to dry before doing the next layer of construction.

Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of solid wood. Generally, solid wood furniture is divided into pure solid wood furniture and all solid wood furniture.

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