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How to paint smooth?

Dec. 18, 2019

Paint is a decorative material commonly used in home decoration. It is generally used for wall decoration, furniture brushing, etc. Only friends who have painted paint will know that paint is not easy to smooth when brushed. How to make it smooth? What are the paint buying tips? Let ’s take a look together.

Quality Flat Paint Brushes

Quality Flat Paint Brushes

How to paint smooth?

1. When brushing paint, it is best to determine the number of times to paint with Quality Flat Paint Brushes according to the requirements given by the decoration design and quality standards. It will require smooth paint, consistent color, and no missing brushes. Pay attention to brushing. The adjacent faces and hardware accessories are pollution-free. In addition, the surface of the painting process is free of anti-alkali, tincture, and the color is consistent. It is also necessary to check the light to see if there is any uneven position.

2. Before starting to paint, the owner of the brand name, certificate and finished product to be painted should be confirmed by the owner. If the owner confirms, then the feed can be started. For the glue remaining on the wall joints and other glues, Need to remove with a spatula or fine sandpaper. In addition, for the surface spot and uneven color distribution, the surface of the wood must be decolorized in advance so that the color can be kept consistent.

As a Painting Tools Manufacturer, share with you how to buy paint.

1. Find environmental protection signs

When you buy paint, you must pay attention to whether it has an environmental protection mark. If there is no environmental protection mark, it is recommended not to buy it. This is harmful to human health. Generally, healthy and environmentally friendly products have the Chinese environmental protection product certification mark on the packaging. For qualified paint products, there is a test report issued by a third-party testing agency. Consumers can request this test report from the merchant when purchasing.

2. Touch the model

When buying paint, the merchant will provide a model, so you can directly touch it. Those good quality paints will have a higher solids content, and the texture will be delicate and smooth, while poor quality paints will have a solid content. It is relatively low, even if the paint is painted many times, the paint film feels crisp and thin, and the paint with impurities has a noticeable graininess.

3. See transparency

Some paint specialty stores will provide consumers with a sample experience of paint products, then consumers can observe the transparency of these samples, the paint with high transparency, it is shiny, can highlight the natural texture of wood, and can make woodware more The paint sample with beautiful appearance and white surface must be of poor paint quality.

4. Pattern template

When buying paint, the merchant will provide a sample for the consumer to see. You can gently scratch the sample with your hand. If the surface is smooth and undamaged, it indicates that the paint is of good quality, and the poor quality will have obvious fine Scratches.

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