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How can I apply wallpaper after painting?

Dec. 11, 2019

If the walls of the home are bare, it may not look good, and it will also affect the style of the entire home decoration. So there are many options to put some wallpapers on the walls. However, if the wall is pasted without any measures, it will also affect the fit of the wallpaper, so it is still necessary to paint with Nylon Paint Brush on the wall before pasting.

Nylon Paint Brush

Nylon Paint Brush

Can I paste the wallpaper directly after painting the wall:

The paint on the walls in my home is a bit tired for a long time. At this time, can I directly replace the wallpaper if I want to replace it? The basic requirement for posting a wallpaper is that there are no potholes in the flat surface such as the wall, and the painted wall itself can ensure the flatness. Therefore, in theory, you can paste wallpaper directly after painting the wall. However, there is still a big requirement for sticking wallpaper. Since wallpaper needs to be adhered to the wall, it naturally needs adhesive. After painting, the stickiness of the wallpaper is very small and basically zero, so the wallpaper that is pasted will easily fall off. Less than the purpose of wall decoration. Therefore, although you can paste the wallpaper directly after painting the wall, the effect is not good, and it is not recommended.

As a Nylon Paint Brush Supplier China, I would like to share with you what to do after the wall brush is painted to paste the wallpaper:

Since the effect of pasting the wallpaper directly after painting is unsatisfactory, how can we deal with the wall that has already been painted with wallpaper? If the wall is painted with latex paint, it has less floatation and can be used in its own. The surface of the latex paint is coated with a base film specially equipped for the latex paint. This can form a water-impermeable protective film on the surface of the latex paint wall. It can not only apply wallpaper glue, but also prevent the water in the glue from penetrating into the latex. The paint surface causes water leakage and damage. However, if the paint on the wall itself is more dusty, Xiaobian recommends that it be removed directly. After handling the base layer, brush the base film, and then paste the wallpaper after drying. This method has no worries, but the amount of engineering is large.

How to paste wallpaper after painting the wall:

After finishing the base layer of paint on the wall itself, it is necessary to start the wallpapering operation. There are five steps for attaching and decorating wall paper, including glue dispensing, scribing, cutting, brushing, and mounting. Among them, firstly prepare the glue to be used according to the specific instructions according to the proportion. Selecting regular wallpaper glue can ensure the normal use effect and service life of the wallpaper; second, scribe the wall surface that has been treated to ensure that each The wallpaper to be collage is completely perpendicular to the ground horizontal line; then a whole roll of wallpaper is cropped, leaving a size of 10 cm higher than the wall surface, and collage wallpaper according to the flower pattern, or according to the texture of the interior decoration wallpaper Post it in the direction; you need to use the first prepared glue when brushing the glue, brush the glue on both sides of the wall to make it fully penetrate into the paper back; finally mount the wallpaper and squeeze out air bubbles.

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