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Do you need to paint the plaster line?

Dec. 05, 2019

As a Professional Bristle Paint Brushes Supplier, let me share with you the need to paint the plaster line. Gypsum line is a very common decoration material in decoration. There are many types of gypsum line and many brands. The role of gypsum line in decoration is also very large. When you choose plaster line, you must first To master its buying skills, it is also very important to ask whether the plaster line needs to be painted. This is very important.

How to choose plaster lines

1. Look at the price, compared with the price of high-quality gypsum relief decorative products, the price of inferior gypsum relief products is 1/3 to 1/2 cheaper. Although this low price is attractive to users, it often shows obvious defects after installation and use, causing regret.

2. Depending on the thickness of the product, gypsum-based air-tight gelling materials, gypsum relief decorative products must have the corresponding thickness to ensure that the affinity between molecules reaches the optimal level, so as to ensure a certain service life and completeness during the use period, Safety. If the gypsum relief decorative product is too thin, it will not only have a short service life but also affect safety.

3. Look at the depth of the pattern. Generally, the unevenness of the pattern of the gypsum relief decoration product should be more than 10mm, and it should be fine. In this way, after the installation is completed, the surface is painted again to maintain the three-dimensional effect and reflect the decorative effect. If the pattern of gypsum relief decorative products is shallow, only about 5-9mm, the effect will be much worse.

4. Look at the surface finish. Because the pattern of gypsum relief decorative products can not be treated with frosting when installing paint, the surface finish is required higher. Only when the gypsum relief decorative products with fine surface and smooth feel are installed and painted, can there be a good decorative effect. If the surface is rough and not smooth, it will give a rough feeling after installation.

Bristle Brush For Painting

Bristle Brush For Painting

Do you need to paint the plaster line?

If it is a good plaster line, it is definitely not necessary to paint, but if any cracks and cracks occur, you must find a way to remedy it. At this time, you need to paint. Let ’s take a look at the operating steps to scrape the damage with a scraper. plaster. Special rubber powder for gypsum line or filling and modeling with rubber powder. Dry with a hair dryer. Use sand to smooth and smooth. Brush the topcoat two or three times with Bristle Brush For Painting until you can't see the bottom color. (Use a hair dryer to dry slowly during construction.) After finishing the latex paint, put a circle of glass glue on the interface of the plaster line and the wardrobe.

Prevent secondary cracking: The moisture content of the wooden keel must be controlled below 12%, and the keel must be firm and not a little loose, so as to prevent cracks in the ceiling of the gypsum board. The gap between the gypsum board and the joint between the gypsum board and the wall is left with a gap of about 0.5 centimeters. Use gypsum powder and latex to adjust the joints. Then double-paste the kraft paper and scrape the putty to prevent the plaster line Cracking. Glass glue is to prevent cracking of woodwork and latex paint.

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