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Is it better to paste wallpaper or paint when decorating?

Nov. 27, 2019

As a Microfiber Paint Roller Supplier China, share this information with you. When we finish the house now, we have to decorate the house. When decorating the wall, we will hesitate to paste the wallpaper or paint with latex paint, because different people have different opinions, and some people think that the wallpaper is good little, and some people think that brushing with latex paint is better. In fact, this is normal, because decoration is a big thing for us, we must consider carefully, as to whether we are better to wallpaper or paint, you can choose after reading the following article. 

The advantages of wallpaper

If you choose wallpaper, you need to know that there are many colors of the wallpaper, and there are many choices of texture, even if it is the same color, if the texture is different, the derived products are different; and the wallpaper can easily use the pattern, as soon as you paste it Can achieve the effect we need. And there is a pattern on the wallpaper, we can use large or small patterns to adjust the space feeling given to the room; and the wallpaper can play a good sound absorption effect, if the surface of the wallpaper is uneven, the sound absorption effect is better And you do n’t have to worry about cracks in the wall because you can block the wallpaper. 

Advantages of latex paint

Microfiber Paint Roller

Microfiber Paint Roller

There are also many advantages to latex paints. First of all, the price is low. Even if the emulsion paint per square meter includes basic treatment and labor, and the process of brushing latex paint is not complicated. The grassroots level is fine. When you use the Microfiber Paint Roller to paint latex paint, if you find cracks in the wall, you must deal with them in time. Brushing the interface agent can repair the cracks. You can also paste fiber cloth. For cracks that occur due to humidity and other reasons, you can also flexibly color the latex paint, so that you can achieve your own color scheme. After the decoration is completed, you can ask the constructor to keep some colored paint, because if we move, we always It is inevitable that there will be bumps, which can be used to make up, so as not to spend additional money!

In fact, whether it is wallpapering or painting, each has its own advantages. Wallpapers may be easy to operate, and they are done as soon as they are affixed, and there are many patterns and colors in the wallpaper, so there are many choices, which also allows our homes. There are many options. If you paint, you may keep it longer, and you can also adjust the color according to your preference. So when you choose, you can choose whether to paste wallpaper or paint according to your own needs and the characteristics of the house. Our company also has Specialty Paint Rollers on sale, welcome to consult.

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