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Brushing methods and precautions

Nov. 21, 2019

Brushing methods and precautions:

Paint Brush is a very common decoration material. Paint brushes can be used to paint walls, furniture, and flooring. Different types of paint brushes are used differently. At the same time, when choosing paints, we should choose environmentally friendly paint products. Because inferior paints do not meet national standards and there are many harmful substances, today Flat Paint Brush Manufacturer China will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of brush painting.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

Brushing method

Before the construction, the paint brand, certificate, color card and finished product samples should be submitted to the owner, and the materials can be fed after confirmation. The surface of the wood should be repeatedly ground with wood sandpaper to remove the wood burrs, so that the surface is smooth, the glue remaining in the wall joints and other glues is scraped off with a scraper or sanded with fine sandpaper. If there are spots on the surface, the color distribution is uneven. The surface of the wood should be decolored beforehand to make it uniform in color. The surface of the metal component shall be cleaned of dust, oil stains, welding slag and rust on its surface, and painted with anti-rust paint. If the paper is not specified, the number of paintings shall not be less than two times. Before cleaning the oil, first clean up the surrounding environment to prevent dust from flying and affect the quality of the paint. When painting construction, it should be determined according to the design requirements and quality standards. The wood grain is clear, the light and soft, the smooth and non-stop feel, the color is the same, the brushless pattern is not wrapped, the flow is peeling, the phenomenon is no leakage, the horizontal Vertical, the adjacent side of the paint and hardware accessories are non-polluting. There are no anti-alkali, bite, spray, brush, splash, sputum, splash, uniform color, no blisters, no scratches, decorative lines, flat color lines, clean doors and windows, and clean lamps. Illumination inspection, no obvious unevenness.

Brushing precautions

1. Dark paint should not participate in water as much as possible, otherwise it is prone to chromatic aberration; lacquering is best done in one time, otherwise it is prone to chromatic aberration.

2. Do not paint in wet weather or winter, otherwise it will affect the overall construction quality, and the paint is not easy to dry.

3. Pay attention to indoor ventilation and heat dissipation, and polish the paint and paint before it is completely dry.

4. Quality Flat Paint Brush When you finish brushing and waiting to dry, soak in the water, see if there are any bubbles in the brush, and if there are bubbles, break it.

5. When the brush is stained with paint, the part of the brush that is immersed in the paint should not exceed half of the length of the hair. If the root of the brush is painted, the paint brush will be deformed and the service life of the paint brush will be shortened.

6. Paint brush with paint must be gently wiped on the inner surface of the container before brushing to remove excess paint to prevent paint from dripping on the floor.

7. When performing oil and cross oil operation, the paint brush should be made as vertical as possible and brushed with the abdomen of the bristles. When performing the oil modification operation, place the paint brush flat and gently brush it with the front end of the brush.

8. Pay attention to the direction of the paint brush. When brushing the vertical surface, the last brushing should be carried out from top to bottom. When applying a horizontal surface, the last brush should be applied in the direction of the light. When brushing the surface of the wood, the last brushing should be done along the wood grain.

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