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Do you need a primer for new homes?

Nov. 13, 2019

After everyone bought a new house, decoration is a problem that everyone cares most. If you want to decorate it, painting is a very important job, so will introduce some method steps when you paint the new house today. To help everyone better carry out the decoration and decoration work of the new house, bringing a good overall decorative effect.

New homes do not need to brush the primer, as a Roller Brush Supplier China to tell everyone.

Handling wall base

Different base treatment methods are slightly different, but the general requirement is that the base layer needs to be flat and clean before painting. For the rough wall, it needs to be leveled and cleaned; for the painted wall, the old paint needs to be removed, and the putty needs to be removed after more than 5 years; for the wall with the original wallpaper, the wallpaper is torn off and then processed.

Brushing interface agent

After the basic cleaning process of the different wall base layers is completed, the interface agent can be selected next. The interface agent can enhance the adhesion to the base layer, and avoid the phenomenon that the plaster layer is hollowed and shelled. When brushing the interface with the Quality Natural Paint Brush, be sure to brush it evenly.

Quality Roller Brush

Quality Roller Brush

Waterproof treatment

If it is a wall surface that has waterproof requirements such as kitchen and bathroom, it is necessary to use waterproof coating. In the past, waterproof materials only needed a simple brushing. Now the new waterproof coatings are mostly two-component or even three-component. Therefore, before construction, you need to know how to allocate, what is the proportion of the allocation. If it is not proportioned, the formulated waterproof coating may not achieve the original effect.

Crack prevention

If there is a crack in the wall, the crack must be treated before painting. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to attach a piece of kraft paper, a good cloth, a mesh cloth, a bandage, etc. to a place where the wall has cracks, a joint of a light body wall and a load-bearing wall, and a joint of a gypsum board.

The next specific steps:

Batch putty

After the wall is cleaned, brushed, leveled, and cracked, the next step is to apply the putty. Common putty powder needs to be blended on site. When blending, the ratio of putty powder to water should be strictly controlled according to the product description. At the same time, stir it as much as possible, then let it stand for 10 to 20 minutes and stir again.

Brush primer

Nowadays, the wall generally needs to be painted with primer. The role of the primer is to close the base layer, increase the adhesion and increase the fullness. The primer must be brushed evenly to ensure that every part of the wall is brushed. If the wall is coated with a large amount of paint, it is best to add a little more water to the primer to ensure uniform coating.

Brush finish

After the primer has dried out, it needs to be sanded again. Then use the Quality Roller Brush to apply the finish. Do not add excessive water when the topcoat is blended, otherwise it will affect the thickness of the paint film, the feel and the hardness of the paint film. The top coat is usually brushed twice.

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