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What are the steps for painting the wooden door?

Nov. 05, 2019

  As a Paint Brushes Manufacturer, there is some information about the brush for everyone to share. Although painting is not a physical activity, it is a technically important work. It requires us to pay a lot of patience and master certain methods. It is even more so to paint the wooden door. The methods and steps of understanding the wooden door painting can make our wooden door. It has become completely new and beautifully beautified our family. Today, Xiaobian introduces these methods to everyone.

  Nylon Paint Brush

Nylon Paint Brush

  How to paint the wooden door - the first step, remove the handle and other decorations.

  Remove the handles and other decorations on the wooden door to prevent the hand from scratching the next step, and it is also conducive to uniform paint. ‍

  How to paint the wooden door - the second step, polishing

  1. Use a coarse sandpaper to polish the area that needs to be painted. Pay attention to the corners and do not polish them too much, and keep the original shape of the wooden door.

  2. Dip the cloth with water to make it semi-wet, and wipe the powder on the newly polished wooden door.

  3. Take the fine sandpaper and polish it again. Pay attention to the corners.

  4. Clean the powder with a cloth dampened with water.

  How to paint the wooden door - the third step, paint

  1. Take the paint, Nylon Paint Brush, and open the paint cover.

  2. Dip the brush in the paint bucket and do not touch too much paint at a time.

  3. The rule of painting is from top to bottom, from left to right.

  4. Pay attention to the corners and hidden places to paint.

  How to paint the wooden door - the fourth step, drying

  Place the painted wooden door for four to five hours and wait until the paint is dry.

  How to paint the wooden door - the fifth step, then polish

  After the paint has dried out, use a fine sandpaper to polish the wooden door from start to finish.

  This time, the grinding is to flatten the unevenness of the paint on the paint, which is good for continuing to paint later.

  How to paint the wooden door - the sixth step, paint the second time

  Follow the third step above to paint the second time.

  Note that if the paint is too strong, add a proper amount of rubber water, dilute the paint and brush.

  Then continue to dry and polish.

  How to paint the wooden door - the seventh step, paint the third time

  Brush the paint again as described above, so that the paint on the wooden door is finished. How to paint the wooden door - the eighth step, put on the handle and other decorations

  Install the ornament that was removed from the first step, such as the handle.

  The entire wooden door is painted.

  After we have used the door of the house for a long time, we often encounter the situation of discoloration and fading. This will affect the overall beauty of the room. If we can paint a layer of paint on the wooden door, the wooden door will be completely renewed. The above is the eight steps of how to paint the wooden door introduced by Xiaobian. I hope everyone will have some help after reading it.

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