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How to repair and refurbish wooden furniture

Oct. 29, 2019

  As a Paint Brushes Supplier, I have some information to share with you.

  How to repair and refurbish wooden furniture - Nylon Paint Brush can help you solve it. Repainting the furniture without changing the original furniture structure is undoubtedly the first decoration method that people think of. Especially for wooden furniture, consumers have tired of old wooden textures for many years. If the whitewash is new, the furniture will be “young” for many years, and the colored paint will make the furniture a whole new look.

Nylon Paint Brush

 Nylon Paint Brush

  So what's wrong with painting?

  1. Grinding: According to the rough and hard surface of the wood, choose the sandpaper with the same type of sanding; the original paint surface of the furniture should be polished until the original base layer of the wood is exposed;

  2, brush primer: adjust the consistency of the primer according to the density of the wood, the hardwood density is high, the paint can be thinned a little, the softer wood should be thicker. When painting, it should be evenly coated along the texture of the wood. Avoid too thick. After it is completely dry, sand it with sandpaper until it feels smooth and no protrusions. Wipe it with a damp soft cloth several times and finally dry it;

  3, brush twice the paint: to cover the first primer as the standard, and then use sandpaper to gently polish evenly along the direction of painting;

  4, brush three times paint: to cover the second primer primer, after brushing with a finer sandpaper rubbing water, not too strong, the grinding should be even;

  5, brush topcoat: the topcoat paint film is relatively bright, no waxing, no need to polish. To make the hand feel smoother, you can play Bi Lizhu.

  Tip: In terms of paint, you should also choose the same product as the original paint on the furniture surface to prevent the chemical reaction between the old and new paints, resulting in wrinkling of the furniture surface. In addition, if the water-based wood lacquer is applied, the wood itself is easily absorbed by the water to cause instability, and the problem is severe, and slight drum deformation occurs, and the oil paint is relatively stable.

  So how do you usually carry out paint brush maintenance?

  1. Painted and dried furniture should not be placed in the window or door of the sun, so as to avoid long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, resulting in cracking and pulverizing of the paint surface.

  2. Painted furniture, long-term use of plastic sheets or newspapers is strictly prohibited. In order to prevent the paint film from sticking and losing luster.

  3. The furniture is stained with dirt. Wipe it with a small amount of detergent or detergent, then wipe it off with water or a rag.

  4. Furniture should be avoided with sharp objects, and do not collide with other hard things.

  5. The boiling water cup and hot rice cooker are best not to be in direct contact with the painted surface, and the liner should be applied to avoid scalding the paint film.

  6. If the paint film of the furniture is damaged, it should be replenished in time. In order to prevent the wood from expanding, causing foaming and peeling.

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