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What are the tips for wall paint?

Oct. 18, 2019

  As a Paint Brushes Supplier, I have some little knowledge to share with you. In the home decoration, many projects can be involved, such as painting, many users will paint with their own Paint Brush, which can also save the cost of home decoration, if you want to brush yourself Paint, then you need to know the steps and techniques of painting.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

  First, what are the steps to paint?

  1. Preparation before construction

  The wall needs to be kept dry, and the moisture on the wall should be less than 6%, the PH value is less than 9, and the construction time should be 20~40 days after cement construction and maintenance.

  Before the paint brush is applied, it is necessary to remove the wall surface by bulging, and also need to remove oil, dust, alkali, mold and loose layer on the wall surface, and if necessary, rinse with dilute acid water, then use water. Wash and wait until the wall is dry before applying the paint.

  The painting of the paint is also related to the weather. The rainy weather is not suitable for painting, simply speaking, the temperature. When the temperature is lower than 7 ° C and the humidity is higher than 85%, it is not suitable for painting.

  Polyester coating materials should not be used when painting, because the swimming ion TDI will make the latex yellow.

  In order to make the applied paint last longer, the color stays longer, and it is not affected by the alkalinity of the wall, you can use the sealing primer to make a primer.

  2, interior wall paint construction process

  It is necessary to clean the surface of the woodwork, tidy the burrs, enamel, etc., which is good for the application of the paint. It is also possible to use sanding for edging and oily putty for batching and polishing. When the first paint is applied, the putty can be repaired and then polished, and then the surface is cleaned. When applying the second coat, it can be ground with water sand.

  Second, what are the skills of brush wall paint?

  The steps of brushing the wall paint are very important. Those who have not brushed must not master the brushing skills. What are the techniques for brushing?

  When you first brush the ceiling, you can choose the Roller Brush, which can be painted over a large area compared to the small paint brush. It should be applied from the natural light source and gradually applied to other places. The stucco wall should be from top to bottom. The distance of the brush should be controlled to a width of two feet. It is also applied at the natural light source. After painting the windows, the paint on the edge of the window should start from the side of the window, and finally the frame of the window. Next, paint the details, such as the panel at the intersection of the wall and the ceiling, and finally, paint the skirting board.

  Summary: The steps of painting are relatively simple. If you want to paint yourself, you still need to master some brushing techniques in advance. The above information about the steps of painting and the related skills of the wall paint, you can refer to the next.

  I will introduce you to the knowledge of the process steps related to painting. Although the wall painting can bring beauty and comfort to our life, its steps are not very simple. If there are defects in the steps, it will be very troublesome to rework when the problem is found. I hope the above introduction. Can bring help to your decoration.

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