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How to Use Paint Remover for Old Furniture?

Jun. 24, 2021

Generally speaking, before moving into a new house, furniture will be purchased. Once the furniture is used for a long time, it will often be partially peeled off, or the paint will be dull in color, which is very ugly. Many friends will think, can we use paint remover to remove all paint from old furniture? The answer is yes. So how should we remove the paint specifically? And if we don't use paint remover, can we do it? How to repaint the furniture after the paint is removed? Let's take a look at the Paint Brushes Supplier below.

Nylon Paint Brush

Nylon Paint Brush

1. How to use paint remover for old furniture?

Use paint remover to directly brush on the paint surface of old furniture. Brush three times in a row. The old paint will automatically wrinkle. After scraping off the old paint, use a brush with hot water to clean it. If there is still residue after the paint stripping treatment The paint flakes are eaten into the mortise of the wood. You can wipe it repeatedly with a cloth dipped in a little alcohol until all the old paint comes off. Using this method to remove the paint has no corrosive effect on the wood.

2. How to remove paint from old furniture without paint remover?

Soak the alkali with boiled water, and apply a brush to the paint surface of the old furniture while the water is hot. After applying it a few times, the old paint will wrinkle quickly. After scraping it off with a wooden board, scrub it with water repeatedly to reduce The destructive effect of lye on the wood tissue makes the new paint adhere firmly. This paint stripping method is economical and practical, but the alkali is more corrosive, so it should not be too thick when preparing alkali water.

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