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Impact of Brush Quality on Latex Paint Performance and Industry

Feb. 13, 2020

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, using latex paint to decorate houses has become one of today's fashions. Latex paint fully shows its endless charm through different construction tools, making latex paint formulators use various raw materials and technologies to turn imagination into infinite possibilities. In addition to the common roll coating and spraying of latex paint, the use of Quality Roller Brush is also a common construction method. This article explores the important role of brush quality in the final construction effect and engineering quality of latex paint.

Quality Roller Brush

Quality Roller Brush

Classification of paint brushes

At present, there are mainly three types of paintbrushes sold in the Chinese building materials market:

Natural bristle brushes are usually the most suitable for the coating of solvent-based coatings, especially for the coating and finishing of magnetic lacquers. Natural bristles are hollow, can absorb 50% of their own weight of water, and swell, soften and bend easily. Therefore, natural bristle brushes are not suitable for the coating of water-based paints.

Wool brush for water-based paint, both for wall paint and wood paint. Due to the small manufacturing investment and simple process of the brush industry, a large number of poor-quality wool brushes flood the market.

Synthetic material brush, made of synthetic material such as nylon or polyester, mostly used for water-based paint. In North America, construction workers generally use high-quality synthetic paint brushes.

Paint brush quality directly affects the performance of latex paint

Roller brushes can be used to apply a variety of blending paints, interior and exterior wall paints, latex paints, art paints, rust-proof paints, wallpaper paste glues and other materials, which can be used to paint different texture effects, beautiful.

The used Paint Rollers do not need to be washed, just immerse it in paint or clean water, and you can continue to use it the next day. When a project is completed, it can be washed with gasoline or thinner. Generally, it can be washed in a paint tray. After cleaning, the sleeve is dried and the fluff on the barrel is loosened to prevent the fluff from tangling with each other during storage. Wrap the sleeve with kraft paper during storage. The kraft paper is slightly wider than the sleeve, and the excess is stuffed into the sleeve. It can also be wrapped with plastic cloth, but you need to make holes to allow air to circulate.

Prevent mold. The sleeve should be stored upright, otherwise the fluff will be indented, the foam roller brush cannot be washed with gasoline, and it must be wrapped with paper after cleaning.

In addition, when choosing a roller sleeve, pay attention: a plastic or phenolic core is better than thin cardboard because it covers the bracket more firmly, especially a reusable roller sleeve; there are no visible seams, which can reduce the surface Chance of streaking; elastic suede sleeves remain undistorted after being squeezed.

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