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Which kind of Wall Coating is More Practical?

Feb. 27, 2020

The market is complex and the wall coatings are diverse. Then, I will explain to you which wall coatings are more practical and how to choose wall coatings. As a Painting Tools Manufacturer, I will share with you how to choose wall paint. I hope to help everyone in the future decoration.

Which kind of wall coating is more practical?

Liquid wallpaper, which is an environmentally friendly coating that combines the characteristics of wallpaper and latex paint, has strong practicability, extremely uniform color, very shiny, and decorative effect is very good. It has very strong water resistance, acid resistance, Alkali resistance, at the same time also has excellent antibacterial, moisture resistance, non-cracking, not easy to age and other properties. However, in terms of selling price, the price is relatively high, and the construction is difficult.

Diatom mud and diatomaceous earth are the main raw materials. It does not contain harmful and toxic substances, and its color is extremely durable and soft. It also has excellent properties such as air purification, breathing and humidity control, fire retardant, sound absorption and noise reduction, but the surface texture is relatively rough.

Water-based paint does not contain organic solvents, has no toxicity and no irritating odor. Its paint film is quite plump, and it has excellent water resistance and abrasion resistance, and is widely used.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

Selection of wall coatings

Consider whether it is in harmony with the overall arrangement of the home. The area of the color card is very small. After painting with the Paint Brush on the wall, it will become very deep. When choosing the color, you must pay attention to it. In addition, the color on the color card is different from the actual one, so the actual one shall prevail.

The weather in the south is mostly humid, so when choosing a coating, the first thing to pay attention to is its moisture resistance and mildew resistance. Latex paint with enhanced anti-mildew effect can be used to prevent mold or foam on the wall.

When you buy paint or wall paint, you can lift the volume of the oil drum. If you hear a squeaking sound, it is likely that the weight is too small or the viscosity is too low. In addition, it is necessary to choose the one with low consumption and low price, and the consumption is often particularly large. If you calculate it carefully, the price will be more expensive, and the effect may not be good.

Try to buy professional and strong matching paint, and pay attention to the environmental protection logo on the outer packaging, which is an effective way to identify green, healthy and environmentally friendly products.

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