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Can the Old Walls be Painted Directly?

Oct. 28, 2020

As a Nylon Paint Brush Manufacturer China, share with you. If the old wall has peeled or has cracks, it is not possible to directly paint with latex paint. Use professional tools to shovel the wall level, and ensure that there is no floating soil on the wall, and the wall is flat. Scrape putty, which can also be white latex on the inside.

Nylon Paint Brush

Nylon Paint Brush

It is usually leveled twice, and after the putty is completely dry, smooth it with fine sandpaper. If the original wall is latex paint and the foundation strength is good, it can be painted directly after simple roughening and repair.

Old walls cannot be painted directly. After a long time, the original paint is aging, peeling off, and dusty. The direct paint will affect the bond strength. It is recommended to use sandpaper first, and then paint the interface agent before painting.

1. Generally, when finishing a new wall, it does not require much preparation, but it should be tested for alkalinity and moisture content. The water content of the wall can be tested with a water content tester; the pH value can be tested with a pH test paper-first wet the test paper with distilled water and stick it on the substrate to be tested. According to the degree of discoloration, the alkalinity of the wall can be known.

2. If small white powder is found on the wall, it means that the wall contains salt and should be cleaned. Wait for the cement wall to dry and have a light color, and then use sandpaper to smooth the wall to paint. If there is too much white powder on the surface of the cement and it keeps coming out, please apply a layer of primer after cleaning to prevent salt from eroding the wall in the future.

3. Treatment of painted walls: Please wipe with a sponge or rag, first clean the ceiling, and then clean the surrounding walls. If you wipe with water, remember to wait until the surface is completely dry before sweeping the paint. If the original surface of the old paint is smooth, it must be rubbed slightly with sandpaper to strengthen the adhesion of the new paint film.

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