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Can the Rough Room be Painted Directly?

Nov. 04, 2020

Sometimes the products we get from buying real estate are so-called rough houses. At this time, the later renovation plan may have to be changed. For example, whether the rough houses can be painted directly, there are many problems involved. If the operation is not appropriate , Not only cannot achieve satisfactory residential use effects, but may also damage the quality of the building itself. Then, let’s learn more about the professional technical knowledge analysis of whether the rough house can be painted directly with Painting Tools Manufacturer.

Bristle Paint Brush

Bristle Paint Brush

1. Can the rough house be painted directly?

Regardless of the rough or secondary decoration, the wall surface must be processed. The finished wall surface we see will have several layers of structure. Putty powder is often used. The higher-grade base layer will use interface agents. Then came the roll coating of latex paint on the wall. Rolling latex paint directly on the rough wall will cause the latex paint to be unevenly applied, and the surface is not smooth enough, and no construction party will use this method. Using this method is too cheap.

2. The method steps of painting the rough house

Scrape putty. The interval between each batch of putty scraping should be more than 2 hours, and the next step can be carried out after it is dry. Many families can't wait for the putty to dry completely and the alkalinity disappears (5-7 days) before painting, there will be great hidden effects. The putty must be flat and even, otherwise there will be uneven tones, and uneven tones like a map. At the same time, it should be noted that you must wait until the 28-day curing period of cement is over before scraping putty.

Cover primer. If high-grade latex paint is used, the primer sealing process should be added after the second pass of the putty. The primer can be applied by rolling or spraying. When applying, the coating should be even and not missed. If the primer penetrates more into the base layer, it needs to be repainted.

Apply latex paint. The coating film of latex paint should not be too thick or too thin during construction. If it is too thick, it will flow and wrinkle, which will affect the drying and appearance. Generally, it is advisable to fully cover the bottom, impervious to shadows, and have a uniform surface. The number of painting passes is generally two times, and the number of painting passes can be appropriately increased if necessary. Under normal temperature conditions, the interval between each verse of the paint is about 4 hours. Note that latex paint usually needs to be brushed three times, and you must wait for the previous paint to completely dry before applying.

Polishing: 4 hours after the end of the first coat of latex paint, polish it with fine sandpaper. If the weather is wet and it does not dry after 4 hours, you should extend the time and grind after drying.

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