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What are the Precautions for Painting the Walls of Second-Hand Houses?

Nov. 11, 2020

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Paint Brush

Paint Brush

Precautions for refurbishing walls of second-hand houses:

1. The wall paint must be eradicated after "five years old":

For the wall of the second-hand house purchased, if the room is only renovated for one or two years, the water-resistant putty does not need to be completely removed, and the latex paint can be repainted after polishing the wall with a steel brush and sandpaper. However, it should be noted that the water-resistant putty of more than five years must be removed to the bottom of the wall during the secondary decoration due to the aging of the material, otherwise it will affect the construction quality of the wall latex paint and the long-term use effect after the decoration.

2. Wall repair should be comprehensive:

For the repair of painted walls, it is generally difficult to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, when renovating the wall of the second-hand house, the owner must make a comprehensive repair. For the repair of the wall that has been damaged, it is best to repair the entire wall or choose a larger area to repair as much as possible, so as to continuously avoid the color difference. The quality after the repair is also better.

3. Pay attention to ventilation after painting:

In addition, the refurbished second-hand houses should also pay attention to ventilation, especially for old houses, which have poor ventilation conditions. The xylene component in the thinner will chemically react with the components in the latex paint, resulting in yellowing of the walls. Therefore, it is impossible to strengthen the ventilation, and several electric fans must be placed to enhance the ventilation effect.

4. The wall must be demolished and modified to ensure safety:

Regarding the decoration pattern of second-hand houses, it is likely that they are not suitable for our wishes and will be demolished. Reasonable demolishing and reforming are beautification and adjustment. But pay attention to ensure safety. According to relevant regulations, “non-load-bearing walls can be considered for demolition and modification.” At the same time, when dismantling the walls, the power must be cut off in advance to avoid accidents. The original power lines and weak current lines should be kept, it is best to make a mark and record in advance, and it is best not to cut off the video line and broadband network line to prevent signal failure after renovation. Some walls adjacent to the kitchen and bathroom are best not to be dismantled. After dismantling, the integrity of the waterproof layer will be damaged and the living safety will be affected in the future.

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