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Can the Fan Gray Wall be Painted Directly with Wall Paint?

Nov. 21, 2020

As a Painting Tools Manufacturer, share with you.

No, you need to do wall finishing first, brushing, putty, etc.

Because you can’t judge whether the basic decoration is good or not by looking at the appearance), but it doesn’t matter, just apply the primer directly, it will be troublesome.

This situation is the most economical, but the short time does not reflect it. Because the paint film is relatively thin.

In order to provide the most ideal adhesion surface for latex paint, the problem will come after you live for 1-2 years.

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

Situation two, so I can only ask the original homeowner?

Generally speaking, top coat? What materials are used, but can survive 2-3 years without problems, for example, if you want to play DIY!

Or, sanding is easy to penetrate, haha, keep everything simple, and then directly primer and finish. I'm afraid that there is no problem when you look at it. The basic decoration is good, or 0, it is best to polish the existing paint film and see if there are any clues.

This situation is a bit more troublesome and a lot, so clean the wall first. For example, what kind of putty is used? Even though the materials used in the grass-roots decoration are not good, it is fine. There is no leveling on the bottom floor, and I "have two brushes": the basic decoration of the wall is not good, and it is not impossible: the basic decoration of the wall is great. No. You need to do wall treatment first, such as brushing and putty.

Wall decoration is one of the most important parts of house decoration. Do a good job of fan ash on the wall to make the wall more smooth and beautiful. Wall fan ash is called differently in the north and south, the south is fan ash, and the north is called mortar. Leveling the wall is called wall fan ash.

Wall fan ash construction-check the wall

Fan ash should be inspected on the wall before the official start, including checking whether the wall is hollow, whether the wall is flat, whether the wall needs to be repaired, whether there is foundation phenomenon, etc. After inspecting the wall, you need to budget for the required materials and arrange the construction procedures.

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